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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tutorial: Hot Air Balloon Embellishment


Once you create your own hot air balloon embellishment, you can instantly lift up anyone's spirit by simply adding it to a card front or a scrapbook page.  Create this hot air balloon in just minutes by making use out of your scrap papers. Different colors and patterns will contribute to your balloons uniqueness. The inspiration for this tutorial came from a challenge on Simon Says Stamp Blog.

 1.  The main part of the balloon was created by tracing around a spool of ribbon. 
 2.   Cut another main circle then fold it in half. Without disturbing the fold. Trim off some of the     rounded side. This is your middle center piece.
 3.   Trace around your middle center piece, cut out. Fold this cut piece, trim around the curved edges without cutting any of the fold. This is your center piece.
 4.   Cut out a square for the basket. Punch two small decorative holes on top of basket.

 5.   Ink around the edges of each piece.
 6.   Place middle center piece on top of main circle; leaving about 1/4 inch showing of main circle at the top. This will make the middle piece slightly extend over the bottom edge.
 7.   Sit the center piece right in the middle of the middle center piece. The top and bottom points should evenly meet.
 8. Secure pieces together using paper glue or hot glue gun.

 9.   A small piece of burlap looks great on the bottom of the basket. 

10.   Turn basket so the front is facing down.
11.   Cut 2 equal sizes of yarn or string.
12.   Glue them to the inside edges of the basket along the sides.


13.   Position the balloon over the basket (facing down).
14.   Secure the yarn ends to the inside sides of the balloon with glue gun as shown in picture.

15.   Attach a piece of lace going diagonally across the balloon.


16.   Knot the end of  two strips of lace.
17.   Cut bottom of strips to your desire.
18.   Glue the knot area to where the basket meets the yarn.

Now it's time to add character to a card or scrapbook page by using your awesome hot air balloon!

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