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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easter Cross Decoration


There are so many DIY projects to make for Easter. You can find a swarm of awesome tutorials to make origami bunnies, wall decorations with bunnies, and different types of wreaths using plastic Easter eggs on the Internet. However, I have seen very few projects involving a cross.

This cross table decoration is very simple to make using dollar store items. Pool noodles, contact paper, and floral pieces combined can make this unique Easter decoration.

Materials needed:  1 pool noodle, contact paper, 1 flower floral piece, 1 grassy floral piece, empty container like a Pringles can, 8 inches of green ribbon or tape, and a long strip of white fabric.

 Cut the pool noodles so that one is slightly larger than the other to your desired height. The longer you here is.        The shorter one is   

 Measure and cut your contact paper. Then wrap it around the noodles.

 Place the shorter noodle on top of the longer one to make a cross. Make note of where they touch.

 Cut out the area of where they touch on the shorter of the two noodles.

 After removing part of the noodle place it back on top of the large one to see if it interlocks together.

 Snip away additional pieces in order to make the noodles fit together nicely.

 An empty Pringles can is perfect to slip in the pool noodle with floral pieces to make the base of the cross. Measure and wrap the container with contact paper. If you are using wood grain paper be sure the grain is going in the same direction as the longer noodle.

 Hot glue was used to attach the shorter  noodle to the longer one to form a cross.

 While holding the floral piece behind the long noodle slide them down inside of the empty container.

 This photograph is showing you the front of the cross where the noodle meets the can.

 Pull apart the grassy green floral piece to apply to the bottom of the can in separate pieces.

 The separate pieces of greenery are then hot glued to the bottom of the cross base, which is the bottom of the can.

 To make the bottom to have a finished edge, wrap/glue a piece of green ribbon or tape around the ends of the floral sections.

A strip of white fabric was draped onto the cross to complete the project.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may have. See you soon and have a happy holiday.


  1. What a neat way to make a cross, it turned out so pretty! thanks for sharing it with us at Show-licious Craft and Recipe party!

    1. Thank you for hosting @Sewlicious Home Decor


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