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Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Top with Handbag Made from Winter Shirt

The sleeveless top on the left was made from the hooded, long sleeved shirt on the right. 

A unique little handbag was made from the actual hood on the shirt!


The more you get to know me, the more you will come to learn some things about me that people don't really know about me. For instance if I can avoid measuring the correct, conventional ways, I will. 

For that reason alone I can never be called a perfectionist. Not that there's anything wrong with being one, in fact if I was one, I would be more successful at certain things in my life.

decide where to start cutting
fold in half
Instead of measuring I laid a  presently fitting tank top over the shirt which I want to revamp. While it's there I observe and may even mark lightly where to start cutting.

  Folding the shirt in half helps to keep the cutting even like a mirror image.

 Originally I thought the new top would have straps that were made from the shoulder area.

The more I looked at the cut off sleeves, the more I got to thinking that they would be perfect straps.

So, the green straps from the other set of pics were cut off and replaced by the plaid like sleeve material.

One sleeve made 2 straps. Vertically the sleeves were cut. Each half made a strap.

The shirt was made with 2 really nice buttons that were not that noticeable. 

By removing that little triangle of fabric in the center of the "V" the little crystal buttons were able to be appreciated.

Before sewing the straps on, the edges on top of the shirt were turned under 1/4" and sewn for a small hem.

When the hood was removed from the shirt, the material under the tag in the left picture was the part of the shirt that was part of the upper back between where I had cut for the green straps (the first plan for straps).

The picture on the right is the hood folded in half. 

The picture on left shows the bag upside down. 

The roundness on top is the bottom of the bag.

The strip to the side of the bag is sewn  with a hem
to become the handle.


The fatter part of the bag on the bottom winds up to be the "Flap" that closes the bag.

The thin  strip still attached to the bag (still left pic) on bottom right of pic is cut off.

All edges are sewn for a finished look. 
Handle ends are attached to the inside of the bag by sewing them on.
Part of sleeve is used as a pocket accent on the outside of bag as shown in picture on the right.

I apologized if I confused you in anyway!
For some reason I couldn't locate all the pictures showing each step.

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  1. what a fun idea! I love to cut corners too with measuring... did you ever see that project runway where the lady used her tongue (spit) to mark her fabric? I think if that when I use unconventional methods :o) I came over from Six Sisters... Hope your weekend has been great! Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

  2. It turned out great! Way to Upcycle! I’d love for you to check out our Pattern Party! Those with free patterns and templates to share are invited to link up!

  3. Very creative. Love the way you make it go from one season to another. Following from Inspire Me Mondays.

  4. I like how you used the hood to make a handbag. Great idea.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. Very cute! And resourceful too. Thanks for sharing at A New Creation. I'm thrilled to have you join the party. I too don't love measuring. Sometimes it shows in my work! Look forward to more of your creative projects!


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