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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Enjoying Halloween Festivities

About to go enjoy some local Halloween events!

Remember to always find a reason to recycle, like saving money for one!

This year we went crazy in search of an ice skating costume for my daughter. If I wasn't out looking in stores, I was home searching sites on line! So much time was wasted. Sure I found alot of ice skating dresses on eBay but they were quite pricey.

Finally we got lucky! We were driving and I decided to turn around, as turning around I saw red brick buildings set back and curiosity took control. Driving towards the red buildings I see a small dance store and figured what the heck, 5 days of searching regular stores with no luck perhaps we could put together a fancy bodysuit and skirt. To our suprise, as soon as we walked in there was a clearance rack and my daughter pulled out this skating outfit that was $80 marked down to $10 and the best part ~~~~ It Fit!

Last year was more challenging in a creative way as I don't like to spend alot of money on costumes and we made a witch costume using black garbage bags as the skirt.  It came out very cute!

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