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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beautiful decorations for the kitchen

See the picture below for a  really great idea for decorating  above your kitchen cabinets!

Not only was this a very simple to put together, it was also very cost-effective! Believe it or not this only cost me seven dollars!  Two dollars if you already have the spray paint.

You can easily make this no time at all! 


You will need:

One or two sheets of foam posterboard from the dollar store.
One or two rolls of ribbon from the dollar store.
Spray paint
Real live greenery, I picked this greenery up at no charge from a place selling Christmas trees.


Measure the distance from the top of your cabinets to you ceiling.

Cut the foamboard to the height you will need from the ceiling to your cabinets, the width is totally up to you.

Spray paint your foam board pieces

Tie ribbon around your foamboard towards the upper half of the piece.

Place your foamboard pieces on top of your cabinets spacing them to your liking.

Place the greenery in between the foamboard pieces.

If you have an electrical outlet on the top of your cabinets this would look gorgeous with the candles that you plug in!


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