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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soft spot for baby birds

Okay I guess saying I have a soft spot for baby birds is slightly underestimated. It's not like I'm gaga over the baby birds, I don't think about them unless I see them, so maybe using the word soft spot is correct.  

Every summer when the little birds start making their babies and feeding them I become obsessed with making sure that the babies are safe. In the last week I have already discovered two babies that were dead. One was in my pool and the other one was on the cement.

Last summer I rescued a baby bird from the pool as the mom and dad birds watched me.  There is not a doubt in my mind that the mama bird personally thanked me for saving her baby.  She did this by  squawking  until I looked at her. She was perched very close to me, closer than I ever seen a Wildbird get to a human being. Once she knew she had my undivided attention she proceeded to walk to the edge of the pool looking at me and talking her bird talk before flying away. When I tell this story to people I know they look at me like I am a little wacky. 

That was an experience I will never forget. I was given a very special gift. A bird actually took time to think about what I had done for them and took the time to find a way to communicate with me!  How Amazing was that! Ever since that day I have had more respect for wild birds And I believe that they are much more intelligent than what anybody gives them credit for.

I invested several hours this morning searching for this This darling little creature.  

This all came about this morning because the mama and daddy bird and  kept looking and searching in the trees surrounding my yard for the baby.  Once again the mama bird got quite close to me and squawking Then she would fly to her nest that was right beside my back door. I knew that the nest was empty because the birds were not coming back and forth to feed the baby. But could only mean one thing. The mama was trying to communicate with me that she can't find her baby.

I started taking the broom and pulling back the hedges to see if the baby was between the bushes and the house and searching the whole perimeter of my backyard While listening closely  for a very small Chirp. I prayed before opening up the two filters of the pool And thankfully I found nothing.

All the while you can hear and see other birds fending off hawks from taking their babies Nearby.
As I continue to look for their baby the parents also continued frantically in their search.

Sporadically I kept hearing a small chirp coming from a certain corner of the back of my house. I carefully kept trying to look under the bushes and gently pulling the branches to  in hopes to find this baby bird. Finally as I stood up thinking I have to stop and listen again; it suddenly occurred to me that I was already looking at the baby bird that was nestled down into one of the hedges. It was very hot and the bird was in the sun his mouth was open and you could tell he was panting.

I was so excited I started clapping and telling the mama the daddy birds that their baby is safe -the baby is here! The parent birds Flew closer with a happy flitter, they seemed to understand that I found their baby!

It didn't take them long to guide their baby to where they wanted it and hopefully it's happy ever after for that family of birds!

Perhaps Tomorrow another bird family will be teaching their baby birds to fly so of course I feel the need to be on bird dooty oops I mean duty, lol. Wish me luck.

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  1. I love birds too and I have several feeders, but like my husband tells me sometimes when you are that close to nature you sometimes see the nasty side of that world. Birds have built nests in my flowerpots, on my deck steps and often didn't make it. Sad but then there are those that do. I love to see the cardinals bring their half grown chicks to the feeder. :-)


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