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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An enjoyable Mother's Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day.

As for me, it was pretty spectacular despite not physically having 2 of my sons sharing the day. One of those two sent me flowers and the other . . . Well doesn't care for me much.

Our oldest son is getting married in a few months. He and his fiancé sent these flowers -------

The colors are so vibrant I love them!

I was blessed with another basket of flowers that was accompanied with a pink photo album from another son ------

These are so bright and cheery! 
I so much treasure having flowers in the house!

We went out to the mall to play one of my favorite games:

Find the best present for mom (me)!

Everyone is a bit tight on money so I used a gift card that I had from several months ago.

The object of the game is to pick the gift that I would want.
The winner gets to pick something out for themselves!

After 30 minutes of everyone going off without  me we meet up again in a specific spot.
The chosen gifts were all in a pile so I had no idea who picked what item.

These were the gifts that were picked:

Which one would you have picked?
The thing that made this so difficult is that I need all of these things!
Here's how I narrowed it down ;

Wine glasses - my dish washer is on way out and will make the clear glass foggy like it has done to all of our present glasses

I have an old spice rack that I would love to spray paint with Silver paint. This I believe will fit the K Cups perfectly!

The blender well, I don't have one. It broke awhile ago and I have been using one of my son's GNC drink mixers for things like smoothies.

Now I've been thinking whether or not to exchange the black & decker blender  
for an Osterizer  blender.

We all had a great day together  
We ended the day with a Redbox movie - Lincoln


  1. I love the flowers you got, Krystie! They are so pretty! And the game you play at the mall sounds fun!

    1. Thank you Ritchil! My kids think so too, after all they are all competitive so to be the one who had the winning gift is considered - A Scored Goal!


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