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Monday, January 13, 2014

New sewing machine!

I have been enjoying my new sewing machine very much! It is a computerized Brother cs-6000i. It has an automatic needle threader and the bobbin setup is fabulous! I will admit that when I have sewn in the past I would sometimes decide not to sew because the bobbin needed to be changed. So far I only have one complaint about the machine other than that it is pretty awesome!

I have always enjoyed sewing, however, it is now even more pleasurable!
Every time I put the needle down to sew it makes this noise that tickles me deep down! I love it!
Oh and did I mention it has a needle threader? The more I use the threader, the more comfortable I am with positioning the thread to the proper position.

In case you are wondering what complaint I have about the machine, it is nothing mechanical. I am disappointed in the place to keep extra bobbins and other tools. Instead of having a compartment that opens with easy access, this has a plastic bag with a snap that is tucked away under part of the arm. Convenient? Not at all. I can't stand when you get an upgrade on something that has a part of it that is a downgrade! 

The first project I made was a pillowcase for one of my sons.  We gave him a latex pillow for one of his christmas gifts and I absentmindedly had forgotten to get a pillowcase.  I was pretty happy about that as it gave me a simple project to make! I am not a very expierienced sewer as of yet; so something simple at this time is better for me.

This is the only picture I have of the completed pillowcase. It came out really good! I was and am happy with the smoothness of the machine!


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