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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Burnt barley

Like many others I'm sure, I am notoriously known for putting something in the oven or on the stove and getting all about it!

Today it was barley, I just wanted to prepare some barley so I can put it in some future soups and stews being the cold weather is coming in For a visit.

Since I had 45 minutes to spare while the barley cooked on low, I became involved with other things that needed to be tended. At one point later on I wondered who was making something to eat especially being I didn't think anyone else had been home and I decided to ignore the smell I was smelling and continue on with what I was in the midst of doing.

Close to an hour after the smelling incident i realized that the scent of food had changed to a strong burning odor. So need I say more?

The barley was blackened on the bottom of the pot. My first thought was to dump it all down the disposal but an image of blackened peppers and onions covered with melted cheese entered my mind. That's a dish we purposely burn and we love it!

So out came the frying pan, a little bit of oil which heated on high while I cut up some sweet onion. In a very short period of time there was a delicious lunch flavored with a little garlic salt that offset the burntness, making the taste seem more like a "roasted" flavor!

Barley has several health benefits. I am including an interesting article from a writing site that I am involved with on the benefits of barley for you to enjoy.

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