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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Treat Bag Made From Candy



You can easily whip up several of these "trick or treat" candy 
Bags in a reasonable amount of time. 

These treats consist of:  a box of tic tacs, 6 wrapped sticks of 
gum, ribbon, double sided tape, and/or hot glue, a 6 x 6 piece 
of card stock ( any color you wish), and a stamp with an image 
representing the holiday accompanied by an ink pad of desired color.

- use your adhesive to secure the wrapped gum sticks around the 
   tic-tac container.
- 2 sticks of the gum will lay side by side on the front and back of 
  the plastic box and 1 stick go gum    on each of the sides.
- be sure that gum stick bottoms are flush with the bottom of the tic tax box.
- secure ribbon close to the upper and lower edges of the gum sticks to create an attractive border. 
- measure and cut card stock to fit in between the top and bottom ribbon borders.
- stamp image onto the paper.
- secure paper to the front of the trick or treat bags between the ribbon borders.

To sweeten up this project more, add small candies to the inside the top of these Halloween bags.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!
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