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Friday, July 19, 2013

Vellum cards

This card set of three are all made with Vellum. 

Many people find working with vellum to be tricky.  The reason for this is that most glues or Adhesives will either show through the vellum or make the vellum bubble in an unsightly manner.

You should use your glue sparingly when attaching vellum. Unlike patterned paper just attach the vellum to the card base In one or two spots rather than all four edges.

Place and attached an embellishment to the top of the vellum over the area where the glue or adhesive was used.
Using vellum on your handmade cards can be as simple as using regular paper when adhering to the helpful tips mentioned above!
Do you know of any other helpful suggestions when using vellum?
I'm sure many people including me would love to hear even more suggestions, Leave a comment and a link to your vellum cards!

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